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  • 04/18/14 16:11
  • Randy Kemp from Carol Stream, Illinois USA
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    • 04/15/14 11:12
    • E from Pre-Uruguay
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      • 04/14/14 10:36
      • Misty from Elflandi
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        • 04/14/14 00:41
        • billybob8469 from Uruguay
          • See more from Immigration
          • 04/11/14 09:45
          • Linda from Montevideo
            • See more from Politics
            • 04/10/14 23:51
            • annarose from Sunni, New Mexico
              • See more from Introductions
              • 04/10/14 13:05
              • Sr. Glen from Asuncion, Paraguay
                • See more from Business
                • 04/09/14 19:06
                • Geoff du Toit
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                  • 04/09/14 15:29
                  • Ray Bucklad
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